Meet the team

Our staff pride themselves on creating a welcoming, friendly environment that leaves you feeling like a valued member of Bay City Gym.

Vanessa Hatton

Les Mills Instructor

Vanessa is currently teaching Body Step, RPM Express and Tabata HIT.

She loves meeting new people and helping them with their quest for fitness.  Her policy is if you don’t enjoy exercise you won’t continue, so she does her best to make her classes as enjoyable as possible.

Come along and try out one of Vanessa’s classes, she is able to tailor them for all fitness levels pushing you just enough to challenge you.

Chrissy & Hamish Newall


Chrissy and Hamish have owned the gym since 2010 and love sharing their passion of health and fitness with the members.

Chrissy loves teaching group fitness classes as well as running the gym 'behind the scenes' while Hamish takes pride in the up keep of the gym and keeping every piece of equipment in tip top order.

They have a huge interest in providing the community of Napier a fitness center that is welcoming, fun, and a place that you can feel confident to train at. 

Bysshe Blackburn


Bysshe Blackburn is an avid powerlifting enthusiast who loves seeing the improvements the body is capable of, whether it's going from 0 to 1 or 50 to 100.

Bysshe likes to base training around the basic movement patterns we encounter in everyday life, and think there’s nothing dangerous about lifting heavy weights.

Krysia van Asch

Les Mills Instructor

Krysia van Asch is a certified Les Mills instructor in Body Pump and Body Step.

She loves seeing people being brave everyday, starting, continuing or re-starting their fitness journey and achieving something that was impossible just a month ago.

Krysia says 'I love being a part of that process.  Watching people get fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident makes me truly happy'.

So if you are thinking of joining a class, come in as it doesn't matter what your fitness level is.  Krysia will give you options and help you every step of the way.

Rebecca Lowe

Les Mills Instructor

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