fitness-on-demand-logoHave you ever wanted to try Zumba, Kettle Bells, Pilates, Yoga or take part in a class with fitness guru Jillian Michaels?  Well soon you can, it is all coming to Bay City Gym.  How about taking a Bollywood Dance Fitness class or trying Tae Bo?

Bay City Gym will soon be providing for you, at no extra cost to members the ability to take part in Fitness on Demand (FOD).  FOD is virtual classes run in the group fitness room, these will be available 24/7 when the Group Fitness room is available, and you will be able to book online or at the gym.  By logging on to our web page you will see what classes are scheduled or you will be able to schedule a class of your own or you can get a group of friends together for a hard out workout or along for a Zumba session.

FOD is going to be launched in addition to the awesome facilities and classes already offered at Bay City Gym, our regular Les Mills Group fitness classes taken by our amazing instructors will run alongside FOD.  Keep watching this space for more info.

Watch the Video to find out more or view the Schedule