Muscle Injury Clinic

Dwayne Smith

Muscle Injury Clinic

At Muscle Injury Clinic we utilize Neuromuscular/Physical Therapy to effectively treat a wide range of conditions including Sports injuries, chronic pain issues, repetitive strain injuries, and pain or dysfunctions which are sustained as part of everyday life, through a series of manipulative hands on techniques we are specialists in relieving pain, injury and dysfunction in muscle and soft tissue.

The aim of Neuromuscular Therapy is to identify the cause of pain and not just treat the symptoms, so whether you are an Athlete or Sports enthusiast suffering an injury or looking for maintenance work, or you are someone suffering from pain or lack of mobility as a result of home life, work life or other activities, i could have the solution for you.

Do You Need Physical Therapy?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then you may be in need of Physical Therapy.

  • Do you suffer from Back Pain or Neck Pain?
  • Do you have some form of Repetitive Strain Injury?
  • Do you suffer from Osteoarthritis?
  • Have you had Whiplash from a car accident, either recent or some time in the past?
  • Do you suffer from Tennis or Golfers Elbow?
  • Has your doctor told you that you have a Frozen Shoulder?

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