Personal Training

“A motivator, educator, and accountability holder for you and your fitness”

You’ll achieve the results you’re after in record time with the help of our dedicated, experienced Personal Trainers.

Whatever your goal;

  • weight loss
  • gain strength or muscle
  • athletic performance
  • stress relief 
  • motivation and accountability 

Our qualified Personal Trainers offer personalized programs, one on one/small group sessions, and guidance.

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Good question. So good in fact, that we’re going to answer it by asking a question…

If you've been unsuccessful training on your own up until now, why do you think that doing it that way again will be any different? Even the most disciplined high performing athletes in the world use trainers. The fact is if people could do it easily on their own, then the majority of people would be walking around with a six-pack not a muffin top.

Why use a Personal Trainer? Because it works!

Personal Training is the fastest way to get results because you have an expert in your corner that helps you avoid all the mistakes. Personal Training keeps you on track by holding you accountable to your training and provides you with the right programme – one that is specifically designed around your needs, goals and lifestyle. Expert advice goes a long way to getting results faster, and our Personal Trainers are the best experts in the fitness industry. People will often try to give you advice on training but the wrong advice often comes with consequences. The way we look at it is, you wouldn’t let your mechanic cut your hair so don’t let a celebrity tell you how to lose weight.

At Bay City Gym we offer a range of options in the area of Personal Training. Why? Because it works and we want you to be able to take it up.  The secret is to pay for what you need. You can have a Personal Trainer for as little as $25 per half hour session, and then only see them once every 4 weeks for a new programme. Affordable as! Or if you need more focused attention you can simply see them more often.

Getting started is about getting set up with the right Personal Trainer, and you can select a trainer a number of ways:

Ask a friend: If you know someone who has a Personal Trainer ask them what they like about their Trainer. Personal Trainers often get recommended by their clients, and it’s a great way to get an honest appraisal of what they can do for you.

Stalk online: Our Personal Trainers have profiles on the Bay City Gym website that allows you to do some research on who you might like to train with. The profiles will have what their specialty is and how to get in touch with them.

Check out the Personal Training hub:  In Bay City Gym there is a Personal Training hub that has all the business cards and other information you need to help you choose the right Personal Trainer

Ask a staff member:  Our staff can help recommend a Personal Trainer if you can’t decide. 

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